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Swipe “the little dragon” lost his best friend Sweep the Sheep! Swipe needs to find Sweep!
Swipe’n Sweep and help Swipe find best friend Sweep the Sheep!

Swipe’n Sweep combines match and puzzle game in a unique, fun and a challenging way. While matching pieces, you have to reach some certain objectives.

Swipe’n Sweep has multiple enjoyable game modes; time-attack, reach the target score, carry-to-target, collect pieces and it is increasing!

You will both enjoy and be challanged, while trying to solve unique and fun puzzles.
Swipe’n Sweep has dozens of levels and we are adding dozens more in each update! We promise that the fun will never end!

Swipe’n Sweep is FREE and will be FREE forever!

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Baykal Sarioglu


Burcu Sarioglu

Web and Social Media

Baris Sarioglu


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Hooray for 2.0!

Welcome fellow sweepers! After a very very very …..(30 mins later) very long time, we’ve updated our game. In less than a month, we are going to publish

Release 1.0

Today, June 17th, 2017, is a historic day for us! We have released Swipe’n Sweep both on Android and iOS ! We are also planing to realease Swipe’n Sweep on other platforms

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